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  • “Outstanding Service and Responsive folks!”

    Outstanding Service and Responsive folks. Took my Yamaha 250 in for its 200 hr service. Prior to taking it in I talked with Wayne in service who answered all my questions. Upon arriving at the service area in rear of building, it was apparent the folks working there enjoyed their environment and all we ran into had a pleasant demeanor about them. All work was completed as promised, ahead of schedule and at the price as promised. Upon arriving to pick boat up we realized they had washed the boat. Kelsey came running up to us to make sure we were happy with the way he cleaned the boat, which we were. My associate even commented on how impressed he was with everyone we came into contact with. They even gave me a military discount on all my needed parts. Such a pleasure doing business with these folks. They have all my future boating service needs. Thanks Wayne, Kelsey and all techs who made our boating servicing a pleasant undertaking. Col Jett Crouch, USAF (ret)

    Col Jett Crouch, USAF (ret)

  • “she was very knowledgeable about the products and very patient with our questions”

    We were in the parts department this past Saturday and we were so pleased with the customer service we wanted to recognize Shannon. We needed several parts to service our boat and she was very knowledgeable about the products and very patient with our questions. We left feeling very well taken care of appreciated the excellent customer service.

    Robert Graydon

  • “You are the best.”

    Daniel Estrada . You are the best. Thank you for all your efforts in helping us get the right boat.

    Vicente A Mendez, MD PhD FACP

  • “when buying from this guy, your not just buying a boat, the service continues well after the sale.”

    I purchased a boat from Daniel Estrada from Sunrise Marine, but I’m not writing about the sales experience. This past weekend I took the Family to watch the Blue Angels in Pensacola along with a 1000+ other boaters. Navigating through everyone to get that closer look was a chore but where i ran into trouble was anchoring. Between the anchor being too light, Mud bottom, current, and not enough rope for the second anchor, I could not get the boat set in place. The Crew from Sunrise Marine was already set in their place and noticed I was having issues. Daniel jumped in the water from his boat, swam and set my anchor at least three times, Tied us off to his boat, and we were finally set. After we were able to enjoy the show, I get a text later on from Dan that said ” I have ordered you a new anchor” Why this long winded review, because it is important to know that when buying from this guy, your not just buying a boat, the service continues well after the sale. Daniel Estrada, Daniel Buccella & Blake Farmer, Thanks!”


  • “Very nice staff at the parts counter”

    Very nice staff at the parts counter.

    Lisa Dever

  • “The boat never looked so good!”

    Hi Wayne,

    The boat never looked so good!

    Thank you very much for all of your help!

    It has been a pleasure!



  • “The best customer service ever from Dan Buccella!”

    The best customer service ever from Dan Buccella! We purchased a 08 Chaparral 264 Sunesta and he made our first boat buying experience very comfortable and easy! He took the time to show us all the features of our beautiful new boat. I will recommend Dan to all my friends! Sunrise also has a HUGE inventory of new and pre owned boats!

    L. Costa

  • “the whole process was leaps and bounds better than any car buying experience”

    My wife and I bought a new R180 back in Sept, 15 from Dan, the whole process was leaps and bounds better than any car buying experience. I got a lot of boat for a good price and it has been a solid performer. I have taken my boat back for the break in service and to hook up my fish finder. The service department was fast and thorough. I am very happy with my boat and the service I have received. I hope one day I will be buying a new cape horn from them.

    Jack D.

  • “He made me feel like part of the family”

    Purchased a 2017 Chaparral from Mickey at Sunrise Marine and couldn’t have asked for a better salesman. He made me feel like part of the family and really paid attention to what I was looking for in a boat. He wasn’t being pushy, he just listened and guided me to the right boat for me and my budget. Thanks for the great experience!!! Mia

  • “It's great to have such a knowledgeable, and responsive person as her.”

    “Recently had a great experience with Shannon in the parts department. I work for a service shop in the area, and was working on a Bennington Pontoon boat. I needed a few specialty pieces for the boat. Shannon helped me get the exact pieces I needed. She was very quick to help, and made sure I got everything I needed. It’s great to have such a knowledgeable, and responsive person as her. Great asset to the business. Thanks again!” Nick N.

    Nick N.

  • “That's why I buy Cape Horn and that's why I buy at Destin Sunrise Marine”

    Today I want to take a minute to plug the folks that make Topshot Offshore click. The most important tool we have by far is our boat and there’s only one boat that will ever bear the Topshot Offshore logo. That boat is a Cape Horn. Here’s why. When your out boat shopping for your next dream vessel take a minute to call the factory. You can reach most by phone and the phone answering secretary will be happy to schedule you a tour of the factory with a sharp talking well dressed trained tour guide to show you a very detailed tour of the boat building process. Now call Cape Horn. There’s going to be a man that will answer the phone and will likely do the exact same thing. He’s going to answer your questions, help you schedule a factory tour, and he’s going to walk you around and show you how it’s all made. The difference you ask? At Cape Horn that man is the owner! That’s right folks. Not a trained salesman, not a college marketing grad, this man is the one who designed, financed, invested and built the Cape Horn boat company. Who could possibly know a boat better than the man that dreamed the whole thing up? Tyler has seen my phone number on the caller ID several times over the past years. He knows my name, he knows what boats I own, and he knows how and where I fish. He’s a tournament veteran, a charter captain, and a heck of a good fisherman and he builds a pretty darn good boat too! A fisherman building a boat for fisherman! What more could you ask for? Once you see the difference between Cape Horn and every other boat out there and your ready to buy I would also like to plug the guys and gals down at Destin Sunrise Marine. Similar to Tyler, these guys are boat guys! They live this stuff day in and day out. They are highly educated on the daily trends of the boating market and they have a very clear knowledge of which boat will best suit your needs. From Daniel on the sales floor, the Blake in the front office, to Heather in finance, these folks truly make owing a Cape Horn a wonderful experience. They treat you the way they want to be treated and they find you what you are looking for so you end up pleased from day one until day 10,000. Professional service and knowledge from the factory to the sales floor. That’s why I buy Cape Horn and that’s why I buy at Destin Sunrise Marine. So before anyone says, “they must be giving him something for posting all this good material about Cape Horn “, rest assured they don’t. They treat people with kindness, respect, and trust and in this day and age, that alone is something worth writing about. So for what it’s worth to all the fish-a-holic, boat crazy, sea loving folks that have “liked” this page, when it’s your turn to buy, do yourself a favor and give a serious look to Cape Horn. You will not be disappointed. To Tyler, Blake, Daniel, and all the other folks at Cape Horn and Destin sunrise marine, thank you for a superior product and a fun and respectful buying experience.

    Topshot Offshore

  • “...an unforgettable experience.”

    The Sunrise team was wonderful and our salesman Daniel made this an unforgettable experience. We recommend everyone to Daniel for great service and knowledge.

    Mr. and Mrs. Hutcherson

    Mr. and Mrs. Hutcherson

  • “I love the boat and it matches my truck.”

    Thank you to my salesman Daniel for showing this “hot rod.” I love the boat and it matches my truck.

    Christian (204 Red Chaparral Extreme)


  • “We're still pinching ourselves...”

    Dear Phil,

    We’re still pinching ourselves, hard to believe its true… this winning a boat thing is something we sure could get use to! Your generosity and kindness is not lost on us. We feel truly lucky, grateful, & excited to have been a part of this incredible life adventure and thank you so so so much for all your help. THANK YOU!


    A & A Foley

    From Chip for Charity Boat Giveaway for Horizons of Okaloosa County

    Audrey & Andrew Foley

  • “...what other boat dealers should strive to be.”

    Super honest, extremely friendly what other boat dealers should strive to be. Big thanks to Daniel and Blake!

    Vanessa Beaudreault

    Vanessa Beaudreault

  • “...we couldn't have had a better experience!”

    This was our first time purchasing a boat and we couldn’t have had a better experience! Just wanted to show our appreciation to Mark and everyone else at Sunrise Marine for making it happen.

    Barry Swerdt

    Barry Swerdt

  • “I am confident you will take care of us.”

    Wayne, thanks for talking with me about our repairs. I am confident you will take care of us. Sunrise is lucky to have someone like you in their service department.

    Scott Gonzalez

    Scott Gonzalez

  • “...outstanding service and attention to detail”

    We are writing today to express our gratification of Wayne in Customer Service. We have had our boat serviced there several times and each time, Wayne goes above and beyond to help us with our needs. Frankly, this is the reason we continue to service our boat there – because of his outstanding service and attention to detail. As owners of our business, we understand how rare it is to find quality folks like this to be a part of your team, and we wanted to share this with you. Congrats on your success and having such a wonderful team member. He’s definitely the reason we’ll continue to do business there.

    Carla Corley/Nicki Uchin

    Carla Corley & Nicki Uchin

  • “I would highly recommend Sunrise Marine for all recreational vessel needs.”

    Last year I assisted my father-in-law with his twin Yamaha engines that had been neglected for some time, and made a long list of repairs and maintenance issues. I have known the professional service staff at Sunrise Marine to be top notch for many years, and this experience was to be no exception. Sunrise sent a trailer to pick up the vessel in Mary Esther and launched it again when the job was complete. The engines came back in great shape and running like new. I would highly recommend Sunrise Marine for all recreational vessel needs.

    Steve Reynolds,

    Gulfshore Air Conditioning and Heating Inc.

    Steve Reynolds

  • “Thank you for making it a wonderful experience...”

    We would like to thank our salesman Daniel for the experience we received looking for the perfect boat. We made our way from Pensacola to Panama City in search for something with quality and features our family desired. Out of the 10-15 sales people that tried to “teach” us something we only remembered Daniel’s name., he was actually excited to do his job. The managers were fun and energetic, they actually PROVED to us that Chaparral was really the best quality boat , the price is set by the factory so it deleted 3 hours of negotiating which was great. Thank you for making it a wonderful experience, anyone looking for a boat Destin Sunrise has everything you can imagine for every need, make sure you ask for the Hawaiian (Daniel) hahaha

    J. Bonano

  • “The boat was just as described (If not better).”

    I wanted to thank you (Dan Buccella) for the great service we received throughout our purchase of the Four Winns 220 from you and the team at Sunrise Marine. It was the 1st time I’ve worked a deal from over 350 miles away, followed by sending my wife to do the inspection and purchase. You really took care of her and assisted in loading the boat and making sure the trailer was ready for her to pull to its new home. The boat was just as described (If not better). Now I just need you to find me a small center console for us to keep at the beach. Thanks!

    Jamie Hunter

  • “I really appreciate your customer service...it is very refreshing.”

    Wayne.  Again.  Thank you helping me out.  I went down yesterday and went through the installation and operation manual for the gauges.  I found there are two methods that are in the setup menu to measure remaining fuel: engine data/fuel flow (which is what it was set on) or fluid sensor.  Changed it to fluid sensor on starboard and bingo it went to 74.99 gallons!  So it was full.  Then of course on the port gauge the “enter” button is not working properly…so now that is a project. I really appreciate your customer service…it is very refreshing.

    Rick J.

  • “You are truly a blessing and my boys speak so highly of you.”

    Good Afternoon! I am Cliff S.’s wife and TJ’s mom. First of all, I really want to thank you for all that you have done to help us out with both boy “toys” 🙂 We have been enjoying but are definitely ready to try out snapper season on the big one this year. Again- thanks for your dedication and hard work for your customers. Second, I am sorry we did not get to see you at the boat show a few weeks back, but “thank you” for again, thinking of my boys. The goodie that you sent are well appreciated. And, third, I have something I would like to send to you. I just need to confirm your shirt size. And, I wanted to make sure it is ok to have a package shipped to you at Sunrise. I look forward to seeing you soon. We would love for you and the family to come hang out at ONO with us anytime. You are truly a blessing and my boys speak so highly of you. Thank you for taking care of them!!


    April S.

  • “The boat is just what we wanted, and we like it very much.”


    Thank you very much for all the help you afforded my wife and  I during the boat sell!  Also, a special thanks for the “ Above and Beyond” help that was unexpected! We think you are a great” Boat Salesman”, with charisma and “personal care” for the customer! We feel very fortunate to have received you as our Key west Boat salesman, because, otherwise we may not have gotten the boat. The boat is just what we wanted, and we like it very much.  You convinced us!! Thank you again, and please thank the fine lady that helped us get the spare tire and at a better price.

    You are a great asset to, SUNRISE MARINE!


    Ralph R L.

    Lt/Col USAF (Retired)

    PS I was charged $75.00 for the room!

    Ralph R L, Lt/Col USAF (Retired)

  • “I can’t imagine buying a vessel or having it serviced anywhere else!”

    I just want to thank Sunrise Marine for their outstanding customer service! I have been a customer of Sunrise Marine for over 8 years and they have always gone well above and beyond to make my boating ownership experience as pleasant as possible. Here is the latest example: We had some friends fly in to visit from Texas and we fished Monday. On the way in my Yamaha 200hp Four Stroke kicked into self-save mode. The motor got us back to the dock at ideal. I was REALLY worried because my guests were schedule to fish with me again Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday morning I called Sunrise Marine and Jeff in service said bring it in and we will get you back out there. Well, they did!!!! Wednesday we were offshore for another amazing day on the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, and just bad timing, another issue came up. I called Thursday morning and Wayne said bring it in and we will get you and your guests out to sea on Friday… and they did! Bear in mind it was Billy-Bow Legs weekend and the service department was swamped! Thanks to Wayne and Jeff, we are heading back offshore with our guests just as Sunrise Marine said we would!  I could recall another similar story with another guest 3 years ago, or the AMAZING deal Phil gave me on upgrading my 150hp to this 200hp!!!!!

    Thank you again Sunrise Marine. I am truly living the dream. I can’t imagine buying a vessel or having it serviced anywhere else!


    David R.

    David R.

  • “You went beyond our expectations to make sure everything was 100%.”

    Thank you Daniel for making our boat purchase so easy and pleasant. You went beyond our expectations to make sure everything was 100%. This is a picture of our first fish ever caught on the new 222. Many years of fishing thousands of fish caught and this was a first for us. In 80 ft of water we catch a starfish?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    J. Doe

  • “I would recommend this marine dealership to anybody.”

    I bought a used cruiser from Sunrise Marine and was treated like royalty. These guys are absolute professionals and will take care of you. The sales staff are very friendly and polite, they stand behind their products and are true to their word. I would recommend this marine dealership to anybody. I am not some big spender executive level client, just an Average Joe that bought an Average Joe kind of boat and they really and truly treated me like I was the sale of the year. And for what it is worth the service department is phenomenal. They have the best mechanics in the business and their management is spot on. I know where my next boat is coming from! Thanks!

    Jamison L.

  • “When I need repairs and or maintenance Sunrise Marine is my choice!”

    I have visited your business a few times and purchased parts. Each time the staff were very helpful and professional. I am writing to express my appreciation for Jeff in Service. I phoned asking about my Yamaha F115XA. Water wasn’t coming out of the outlet tube. I was concerned that it needed a water pump. After speaking with Jeff he felt that the tube might be blocked. I would have had to hire a tow from the lift/pier and then arrange to meet you guys at Juana’s to take it to your shop for repair. Jeff was very cordial and helpful with possible needed coordination. I cleared the tube with a small piece of wire and now it’s perfect! Thanks to Jeff I will be able to use my boat and have it when family and friends are over. Please express my appreciation to Jeff for taking the time to help me. When I need repairs and or maintenance Sunrise Marine is my choice! Thank you for a most pleasant experience!

    Marc W.

  • “Thanks again for your great service!”

    I just wanted to thank Wayne, Jeff and the rest of your service department for the great service you provided this weekend for me and my family.  I needed some service on my Yamaha boat so that my families vacation would not be a bust and you guys were there to help.  I feel you went above and beyond to get me back up and running for a very reasonable price.  Thanks again for your great service!

    Chuck M.

    Marietta, GA

    Chuck M.

  • “Excellent experience!!”

    I recently purchased a boat from Destin Sunrise Marine and did so sight unseen and from across the state of Florida.  Daniel was extremely thorough and was genuinely concerned that he share every last minute and detailed imperfection to establish my confidence while ensuring he did not mislead me in any way about the condition of the boat.  These guys are highly honest and credible and clearly are concerned about doing the right thing.  Excellent experience!!

    Jon P.

  • “...I couldn't be happier with the overall experience.”

    I recently purchased a slightly used 2015 Chaparral 327 from Destin Sunrise Marine and I couldn’t be happier with the overall experience. I was an out of state customer and had some reservations at first but from the moment my salesman Dan Buccella greeted me at the airport I knew I was in good hands. Once I arrived at their facility I was greeted by the owner, Phil Foss who was very accommodating and took the time along with Dan to thoroughly go through every nook and cranny of the boat and sea trial even though the winds were whipping that day. From the point of contact, sale and service thereafter I cant say enough about the professionalism of the operation.

    Vincent P.

    Vincent P.

  • “I highly recommend this place to buy your next boat...”

    I bought a 2008 Tahoe Q4 from Sunrise marine, was the best customer satisfaction guaranteed. Dan the sales person who helped me out was outstanding. whenever I had a question he was quick in his response and informed on the information I was needing. I highly recommend this place to buy your next boat… and make sure you ask for Dan!!! excellent person.

    J. Doe

  • “We will definitely be back and send friends your way!”

    We came from out of state to look at boats. Dan Buccella with Destin Sunrise Marine was #1 in our book. He called, texted, sent us pictures of boats that we thought would be perfect for us. Unfortunately we were unable to find that perfect boat for us. We did go to 6 different boat dealers that day, we walked out of 2 of them because they did not seem like our business was good enough for them, 3 of them just did not have anything close to what we wanted or could afford, but the 1 that we visited twice because I had to give Dan another shot since he was the best salesperson that I had met that day. I just wish our budget was a little more flexible and we would have definitely made a deal with Dan. Thank you so much Dan for making trip worth it even if we were unable to make a deal. We will definitely be back and send friends your way!


  • “When the day comes that we are ready to go bigger or newer, we will definitely be buying from Sunrise Marine...”

    We had tossed around the idea of buying a boat, and had even been to Sunrise Marine in Navarre a couple of times to look at their used boat inventory.  The staff there were great in that they didn’t hover or pressure, just allowed us to take our time looking around.  We finally decided we were ready, and made the trip down to Navarre once again.  Daniel Estrada greeted us and began to show us around, at the same time asking questions that would help him find just the right boat for us. We let him know that buying a new boat wasn’t really an option at this time, since we were first timers, and he was great about not trying to pressure us or tempt us with a new boat.  It just happened that the perfect boat had been brought in the day before, and was undergoing a thorough inspection and clean up.  Daniel took us to look at it and spent a lot of time explaining the specs.  It was a Chaparral Sunesta, 224 Extreme.   

    We decided to go home and think about the purchase that night, but we knew the decision was pretty much made.  We called Daniel the next morning and told him we wanted the boat.  We scheduled a sea trial, during which he showed us everything there was to know about the boat, launching it and getting it back on the trailer.  He was also awesome about teaching us some of the boating skills we would need, as neither of us had owned a boat before.  He relayed several tips about the care and cleaning of the boat, as he himself is a boat owner.  He helped us figure out what supplies were needed to be kept on the boat, and the best places to get them.  Daniel really went above and beyond what we expected during the entire experience!

    Our boat was a consignment, so it took a few days longer than I expected to complete the purchase, but Daniel took care of everything for us.  When we picked the boat up, he made sure we had his number in case we had any problems or questions.  

    The third time we took the boat out, we had an alarm start going off, and called Daniel from the water.  Unfortunately it was a situation that required us to take the boat to the service dept at the sales center, but they were awesome in checking it out (there was nothing wrong, we’d caused it and it had to be reset).  Furthermore, the owner ( Phillip) happened to be there and waved us off when we went to go pay because Daniel had told him we’d only had the boat less that a week.  Truly means a lot that even though it was operator error, they stood behind the boat they sold us and wanted us to be happy!

    When the day comes that we are ready to go bigger or newer, we will definitely be buying from Sunrise Marine, and we both hope Daniel can be our salesman again!


    Doug and Michelle

    Doug and Michelle