It’s time for the 2015 Dealer Invoice Sale!

Starting July 9th, Sunrise Marine is having our annual Dealer Invoice Sale. We have selected a handful of 2015 models and are offering them for what we paid. Yes, you read correctly.

We did some research and found that all of our competitors still have brand new 2013 and 2014’s on their lots. Yes, they are offering them at a good price, but be careful. These boats are 2+ years old. The 2016’s are already out. That means those boats have been sitting on their lots for 1-3 years. Why haven’t they been able to sell them? If you purchase one, you may have a new boat, but remember it is already 2 years old, and that brings with it a lot of depreciation. Not to mention the wear and tear of sitting in the weather for all that time.

Why are we selling brand new 2015’s at invoice price? We are getting ready for the 2016’s that are already coming in. This is the time of year we clean up our inventory. At any given time, we will have up to 160 boats on our lot. We sell over 400 boats a year and are very successful in keeping our inventory fresh with the best brands and the best prices. Come see why we are different from our competitors.

Dealer Invoice Inventory and details for purchasing.

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