It’s That Time Again!

Your boat has sat in the yard all winter and now it’s time to go to the water!

Do yourself a big favor, check your trailer.

First, it’s tires and wheels.

Check the air pressure, it is bound to be low after sitting all winter and low tires are hard to pull.  They also build heat and that is not good, so air them up.

Check your wheel nuts so you don’t wobble your way down the road.

Hook it all up to your vehicle and see that your lights are all okay and then check and be sure your brakes are working.  They may have to be exercised a bit after not being used for a while.

Find some level ground and step back and check you are running close to level.  If you are more than three inches high or low, level it up.  Too high may sway behind the car and too low may mean too much tongue weight.

Spend the few minutes it takes to check these items off your list and you should get to the ramp trouble free!

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